Help Us Reopen Our Doors

We aren’t looking for a “hand out” but more for a helping “Hand Up.”  We are offering Gift Certificates in $25, $50, $100 dollar increments to get our doors re-opened and our employees back to work. For those who want to help but live out of the area, we will mail the certificates to an address of your choice or donate the gift certificate to support a local charity.

Featured on ABC7 News

How bad was the Russian River flooding? Guerneville residents get first look

Occasionally life takes you by surprise and the recent flooding of the Russian River took us by surprise in a BIG way. We anticipated a few feet of water and ended up with over 6 feet of water inside our building. Needless to say, the cleanup effort is immense and we need your help getting back up and running. Take a look at this ABC news report featuring the Farmhand.